Product Designer @ Popmenu

2021 - Present

Design Mentor @ CareerFoundry

2020 - 2022

UI Designer @ CallRail

2019 - 2020

Visual Designer @ LifeQ

2017 - 2019

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I'm always dabbling and creating in various ways on a variety of projects.

I'm a human being who is excited about bringing ideas to life in the digital space. I began in mass communication, lots of self-learning, and my love for asking the "why?". My muse of food, culture, and desire for intentional spaces have guided me in how I approach design. They've inspired me to be thoughtful in my process when creating visually compelling digital products that communicate clarity and hospitality.

I've worked in multidisciplinary design roles in my career, but specialize in digital product experiences, with focuses on strategy, systems thinking, and visual design. I tend to practice design through a generalist lens, incorporating different processes and design methods depending on the context at hand. I've worked with various sized organizations on a spectrum of projects which include brand and marketing for health tech and user experience design for B2B SaaS products, fin-tech, and drone/UAV tech.

Currently, I'm at Popmenu, combining hospitality and the digital realm so restaurants can build their online presence in cost-effective ways. Before that, I created products for marketing analytics by crafting design systems and a lead engagement platform.

I am passionate about continuously growing in my craft and sharing what I've learned with other designers. I've thoroughly enjoyed speaking with career-shifters and early-career designers as they navigate their way into the industry. I've started creating videos about what it's like being a designer on YouTube, and hope to continue to find other ways to share the tidbits I learn along the way.

I think about design a lot, but I am a human being who does other things too! All the other times, I'm stacking blocks on tetr.io, hanging out with my doge Junior, and finding boba bops plus tasty snacks. I also have other creative dabbles like making stickers or hand carving spoons and other wooden goods.

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