👋 Hey there!

Designer, Digital Maker, Visual Communicator

I'm a human being who is excited about bringing ideas to life in the digital space. I began in mass communication, a lot of self-learning, and my love for asking the "why" to everything. My muse of food + culture and desire for intentional spaces have been guiding pieces in how I approach design. They have inspired me be purposeful in my process when creating visually compelling digital products that communicate clarity and hospitality.

I'm currently crafting digital experiences and design systems at CallRail; a SasS company in Atlanta, GA creating products for marketing analytics.

I've been working in the field of design for 3+ years and counting. My experience ranges from, web + visual design for startups, brand and marketing for health tech, UI/UX for B2B SaaS products, and  UI/UX design for mobile fin-tech.

Other things i enjoy

In my free time I enjoy listening to tunes, hanging out with my doge Junior, and finding tasty snacks when I get the chance. I also have other creative pursuits like making stickers and folding origami.

In recent times, me and my other half stream Mon & Thurs @ 8:00pm EST, playing games together and hanging out on the interwebs.

Some other interests include (in no particular order):
personal finance (YNAB), cooking, career development, education + tech, side projects, no-code, entrepreneurship/investing

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