Designing, doodling,
and playing games

I'm a digital product designer who jams out on cross-collaboration, and intentional visual design rooted in human-centered ideas and strategic solutions.

📍 Designing @ Popmenu in Atlanta, GA

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From systems thinking to the finer details, my work is rooted in visually compelling digital products that combine the stories of business strategy and empathetic clarity.

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All the other time

A collection of personal endeavors. Ideas explored of past, present, and states of limbo.

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About creativity and experience in the everyday.

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Designing stickers to spread happiness to others.

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Helping people who are looking to learn design.

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Streaming casual gaming, doodles, and designs.

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Send me an email if you wanna talk about general things or collab on a cool idea! We can start the conversation there.

You can also find me on the other realms of the internet and ping me through one of those portals.

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