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From portfolio to personal craft

January 29, 2022

I redid my portfolio....again! I feel like I am always in this perpetual cycle of redoing it.

It might because I feel like I the way I learned how portfolios work vs. how I want it to work for me has changed in the last few years.

Portfolios = a collection of works that you showcase your skills, process, and craft to the public

As a product designer, and seeing many people moving into the field, the craft of putting a portfolio together leans heavily on “showing the related work”. Meaning showing the apps, interfaces, products, problem space etc. that you’ve work on. Makes sense! You want to put the stuff you want to be doing (ux, ui, product design) front and center. In most cases portfolios are meant for the professional realm and they’re what drive potential jobs and other career related opportunities.

For me though, I’m starting to lean into less into the work I do for my job and more into the personal side of crafting. Shifting my portfolio from having my case studies as main focus points and blending in the other parts of who I am and what I do in less subtle way.

That’s why when you land on my portfolio now, the “Works” and “Projects” almost have a similar hierarchy. I’m still elevating my work JUST a little bit more with the graphics for more visual clout, and having it be the “first” thing you read left to right. Projects and Notes, do sit on the same plane as Works now however.

Hypothetically I could nix the whole Works thing and have my projects and notes be the focus, but this site’s purpose is about surfacing my craft and process as product designer. It still has the goal to serve in a professional capacity. It’s now structured in a way where there’s more room for the other stuff I find important to be surfaced at a higher level.

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